Hatchery Guarantees

We guarantee 100% Live Arrival and full count on every order!

We Guarantee that you will receive full count of live, healthy poultry according to this guarantee.  Generally we place 2% extra chicks per each 25 ordered to help fulfill this guarantee.  However, if losses should occur in shipment or shortly thereafter, and you receive less live chicks than you ordered and paid for, we will make an adjustment either by replacing poultry one time only if you have a TOTAL LOSS at the time of delivery or by refund if you do not have a Total Loss.   We do not refund Shipping and Handling or Vaccination Costs as these are Services and not Products.   We will refund the chick purchase price of any shipment or part thereof which is missing or were dead on arrival.  We will send replacement Chicks at our discretion when you have a total Loss.

We guarantee the amount of birds you ordered will arrive safe.  We typically add 2% extra poultry to your order.

  1. Our guarantee does not include the extra birds put into your order, only the total amount of birds you ordered.
  2. We do not guarantee the quantities of specific breeds you ordered, only the total quantity of chicks in the order.   Example: You ordered 3 Rhode Islands & 15 Delawares.  We guarantee that 18 chicks arrive alive, not necessarily that you will get 3 Rhode Islands alive.  If you lose a Rhode Island Red but still received 18 total chicks (because of the extras that were sent), we will not refund or replace that 1 Rhode Island Red.

You must use a heat source that can maintain a temperature of at least 100 degrees for the first 48 hours.

All Chicks from The Chick Hatchery LLC are hatched from NPIP Certified Flocks and carry minimum classifications of Avian Influenza Clean as well as Pullorum Typhoid Clean to improve the industry.  You can always depend on high quality, healthy chicks from The Chick Hatchery!

**Please open bird boxes immediately and inspect poultry**

We do not recommend opening your box of chicks in front of children until you have inspected it first to make sure you have not lost any chicks during shipping.  

This is a very important step so that children do not have to see any chicks that did not survive during shipping!

If a loss occurs during shipment or shortly there after, our policy requires that we are notified within 24 hours of arrival.  Typically any losses after 24 hours is due to improper temperatures or brooder conditions.  We assume no liability of your poultry once the 24 hour live delivery guarantee has been met.  All deaths resulting from shipping will occur within the 24 hour timeline.

Please provide a Total Chick Count including extras that were included, a Live Count and a Loss Count per Breed/Sex.  Pictures of dead chicks are REQUIRED!    No photo = No Refund!

You can email photos to us at chicks@thechickhatchery.com

Re-shipments are subject to availability and minimum shipping requirements.  Say you ordered 15 Chicks but lost 7, you would be refunded for the 7 chicks that you lost in the first 24 hours only.  We will only reship TOTAL LOSS replacement chicks once.

Reimbursements are limited to the cost of the birds and will NOT include shipping or vaccination service costs.

Quality Guarantee: All poultry are guaranteed to be of the grade, quality, sex and breed as represented.  Should any error occur we will make prompt adjustment.  In producing these chicks the seller has followed approved and recommended methods of flock control and egg selection and has established sanitary and disease control standards in the Hatchery operation.  Seller does not warrant poultry to be free from any disease which could not be ascertained at the time of sale.  Liability is limited in all cases to replacement of damaged chicks and extra chicks must apply.  Replacement good for one time only.   Under no circumstances shall our liability, on claims of any kind, exceed the total price paid for poultry.

We participate in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) & The “National Poultry Improvement Plan” (NPIP).

Boxing:  All poultry will be boxed according to the weather, so the poultry will have the best chance of survival. Because of this, different types of Fowl, Breeds and Sexes may be mixed.  Unless indicated by you, Breeds and Sexes will not be marked.   Additional boxes and materials may be used during hot weather in order to ensure the chicks do not get overheated during shipping.

Pickup:  We run Strict BioSecurity Measures and do not allow Local Pick Ups but we would gladly ship your chicks  directly to your local post office.   We are part of a nationwide network of Bird Shippers that offer a wide variety of poultry that are shipped directly to you by us from one of our partner shipping points.

Ship Dates: Please specify a desired Hatch/Ship Week when placing orders on our web page.  When selecting multiple Breeds, we have to find a Common Hatch/Ship Date for all selected Breeds to ship out together.  This date may not be the exact date you requested but the first available common date will be chosen.  After receiving your pre-paid order, we will contact you by email within 48 hours with an expected date your order will ship out from the Hatchery.  Expect your order to arrive at your local post office in one to three days from the scheduled Hatch/Ship Date.  Be aware that 98% of orders arrive within two days.  We do our best to meet the scheduled shipment date.  If we are unable to provide chicks on the scheduled hatch day, you can choose to reschedule or receive a refund or store credit.  We ship chicks on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We fill orders on a first come, first served basis.  It is important to place your paid order  as soon as possible to get the best chance at earlier ship dates.  Typically, orders can be scheduled anywhere from 1 day -4 weeks out.  Please let us know if you are willing to accept any substitutions to have a quicker ship date.  Some Breeds are new to us this year and we have smaller flocks of them so they can sell out quickly.

Product Accuracy: We reserve the right to substitute similar breeds in the event there is no common hatch date and you will be notified of the changes that were made.  If a breed does not hatch as projected, we may substitute a similar breed unless you state NO SUBSTITUTIONS, mail a partial shipment, or reschedule your order at our discretion.

We offer a 90% Pullet Sexing Guarantee!

Our Sexing is usually 90% True to sex.    We guarantee on a 100 paid pullet order that you will receive at least  90 pullets (assuming all the chicks survived to be counted).  If we make an error and we did not live up to our stated guarantee, we will refund the pullet purchase price on under 90%.  In other words, if you have over 10% that are roosters of your pullet order we should be able to refund at pullet price over the 10%.  Claims must be sent directly to us when chicks are not more than 12 weeks old.  We have one of the best rated and multiple gender selecting methods in the industry, however, still it is only about 90% accurate and is not a perfect science.  It is recommended that you give some thought to the possibility of receiving 10% males and what you would need to do under the circumstance.  Unfortunately, we are not able to reimburse the cost of feed in raising unexpected chicks that we a sexing error.  We do not have any guarantees on percentages on males or females for not sexed/straight run chicks.  We do not offer sexing on all of the breeds we sell, for these breeds it is either too hard on them or because the professional sexers’ accuracy is not good enough and would cause customer dissatisfaction.

Changes made to Orders:   We do NOT allow ANY Changes to orders once a Hatch/Ship Date is confirmed.

Cancellations:  NO cancellations within 10 days of the Confirmed Hatch/Ship date. 

Cancellations  before the 2 week Deadline:  According to our policy, cancellations will be charged a $10 feeOrders over $100, a 10% fee will be applied.   If you decide to cancel your order, please email or call us with your order number and the reason for cancellation.  Any orders placed and then canceled will have the fee deducted from the total purchase price and the difference refunded back to the credit card used for the purchase.

Cancellations after the 2 week deadline of the scheduled shipping date.  If you decide to cancel your order before the two weeks, please call or email us with your order number and the reason for canceling your order.  A $25.00 Cancellation Fee will apply to orders cancelled within the 2 weeks before your Hatch Date.

Rationale for the cancellation fee: Orders paid for/booked are taken off the market for sale and are marked sold and we potentially could have a lost opportunity for a buyer if canceled.  Cancelled orders create bookkeeping and labor cost to process the cancelled order, labor to recalculate deletions and adding back on the sell sheets, along with postage or credit card fees to process credits.  Our chicks pricing is not formulated for cancelled order cost.  We do make exceptions for the 10% fee for emergencies and will move a ship date to another date; however, every effort should be made to be prepared to receive your chicks on your given date.  Refunds are processed ASAP, but on busy rare occasions can take up to 3 weeks to be completed.  It is common practice for customers to order their poultry 2-8 weeks in advance of the time they would like them delivered.  Because live new chicks become perishable the day they hatch, it is necessary to have them all sold well before their hatch date.  Newly hatched chicks have their 3 day supply of yolk still in their system to sustain them for their trip to your home.  We ship Monday through Wednesday and your birds should arrive at your post office or mailing address within 2 days.  Your confirmation notice will give you your hatch/ship date.

You should be very flexible around your delivery date so you can take your birds immediately to your brooder to be warmed up so they will start eating and drinking.  We recommend dipping your chicks beaks in the water as they are added to your brooder to help them know where the water is located.  Checking on your birds periodically is crucial to make sure they are thriving.  Try not to handle your chicks very often for the first 48 hours.