Shipping Information

 Shipping Information
Chicks are shipped by USPS Priority Mail the same day that they hatch.  When they arrive to you, your chicks will be 24-72 hours old.  Day old chicks ship Monday thru Wednesday ONLY!  Baby chicks ingest the yolk before they hatch and this is enough nourishment for 72 hours.  This is enough nourishment for chicks during shipment but we add Gro Gel to the box to keep them happy and well nourished until they arrive at their destination!
How far in advance should I book my order of chicks?
*As soon as you know when and how many birds you want to order you should book your order.
*We fill orders on a first come, first served basis.  It is important to place your pre-paid order as soon as possible to get the best chance at earlier ship dates.
*You can pick the week you would like your poultry shipped to you or note ASAP.  It is common practice to order 2-6 weeks prior to the date you want for delivery.  For rush orders, we recommend to note as a comment that it is okay to substitute similar kinds in the event we are short on one or two of your requested breeds.  When we receive your order, we look for the earliest possible date for ALL of your breeds requested and are available together.  Some breeds (rare turkeys, guineas, ducks, and game birds) are not available until later in the year.
*We then secure that date and take those birds off the market for sale and send you a confirmation of your hatch/ship date.  Because live newly hatched chicks become perishable the day they hatch, it is necessary to have them all sold well before their hatch date.  Newly hatched chicks have their three day supply of yolk still in their system to sustain them for their trip to your home.
*We hatch thousands of poultry each week and we do a pretty good job of counting our chicks before they hatch when we secure your order.
Is there a Shipping Charge? Yes, see exception below.
**Cornish Cross Meat Birds & Hatching Eggs, SHIP FREE**


We now ship as few as 3 total Poultry

Orders of 3 -14 Birds will incur a $25.00 Small Order Handling Fee.


Orders of 3-14 Birds will be charged$15.00 for Shipping.

Orders of 15-24 Birds will be charged $20.00 for Shipping.

Orders of 25-49 Birds will be charged$30.00 for Shipping.

Orders of 50-99 Birds will be charged$40.00 for Shipping.

Orders of 100-149 Birds will be charged $50.00 for Shipping.

Orders of 150-300 Birds will be charged $80.00 for Shipping.


Quick Chicks

(Minimum 10 Total Chicks)

(Minimum 5 Each Sex)

Orders of 10-19 Chicks are charged $25.00 Shipping!

*FREE Shipping on 20+ Quick Chicks*


Alternate Meat Birds, Started Pullets, Pheasants, Chukar & Quail have their own Shipping Costs.

Tracking Information will be sent if you request it. 
Tracking Information is sent the evening your chicks ship out or the morning after the chicks leave the Hatchery.  We do not Guarantee you will receive Tracking the same day your order ships out.
How long will it take for my chicks to arrive at the post office after they have been shipped?
After you have received your “Chicks Have Shipped” email, this means that your birds have been shipped.  It should take 1-2 business days to get to your Post Office after they have left our facility.  Some Order may take 3 days but this is usually to Rural areas.  Baby chickens are perishable and you are expected to be available at any time of any day, the week your chicks hatch and ship.
Will the Post Office deliver the chicks to my home?
We put on your shipping box all the phone numbers you gave to us and we instruct the post office to call you to come and pick them up at the post office.  You should call the post office on the morning you expect the delivery of the chicks.  Delivery can be 1-3 days.  Be sure you or someone is available for the anticipated day and days around the arrival date and that you have someone to care for chicks the first 24 hours in the brooder.  The Post Office will call the number you have provided to us. 
What if I cannot request the ship date that I want?
This may occur because we have sold out of a particular sex/breed of chicks for that day, specify an alternate date that works for you in the customer notes section of the order form, and keep in mind when choosing multiple breeds, we need to find a common hatch date for all breeds to ship together.

We are sorry if you encounter a busy signal on the phone.    We do apologize if you have trouble getting through. Internet orders are processed in the order received.

When ordering through the website you will receive an immediate e-mail response notifying you that your order has been received.  It will include your order number.  Please refer to this number if you call or e-mail about your order. 

You will receive a second e-mail in 1-3 business days that includes your confirmed ship date.  If the e-mail address you listed on your order is correct and you have not heard from us in 10 days, check that your SPAM folder has not blocked our e-mail. 

We are hatching around 15,000 birds weekly and securing your order and Hatch/Ship Date is done as quickly as humanly possible.

Expect your order to arrive at your Post Office in 1 to 3 days from the ship date.  
Be aware that 98% of orders arrive within two days.  2% of Orders may take 3 days to get to you.  We do our best to meet the scheduled shipment date.  If we are unable to provide chicks on the scheduled hatch date, we will notify you and you can choose to reschedule or receive a refund.  We ship chicks Mondays – Wednesdays.  We fill orders on a first come, first served basis.  It is important to place your pre-paid order as soon as possible to get the best chance at earlier ship dates.  Typically, an order can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to ship out. 
**Please let us know if you are willing to accept any substitutions to have an earlier ship date**

Please open all boxes at the Post Office and examine your chicks at pick up!

If a loss occurs during shipment or shortly there after, our policy requires that we are notified within 24 hours of arrival. 

Please provide a Total Count of all birds received, a Live Count and a Loss Count.  Pictures of dead chicks are REQUIRED.

Please sent us an email at

Reimbursements are limited to the cost of the birds only and will NOT include cost of Vaccination Services or Shipping Charges as these are considered Services.

What happens if I have chicks that are dead upon arrival?  Can I get a Refund?

We guarantee that you will receive full count of live, healthy poultry according to this guarantee.  Generally we place 1 extra chick per each 25 ordered to help fulfill this guarantee.  However, if losses should occur in shipment and you do receive less live chicks than you ordered and paid for, we will make an adjustment either by replacing poultry if you have a TOTAL LOSS or by refund at the discretion of the hatchery.  Please open chick boxes immediately and inspect poultry.  If you do not have a full count of live chicks that you paid for, please email us so we can make an adjustment.  This guarantee is only for the safe and live delivery of your poultry.  Any loss must be reported to the hatchery within 24 hours of receipt for any adjustment to be made.

We will offer a refund or give credit one time toward any properly cared for poultry that deceased within 24 hours of the time of arrival to your post office.  While we appreciate notification of losses as they happen, we ask that you report your total losses one time, at the end of the 24 hour period.

Please provide a Total Chick Count, a Live Count and a Loss Count.  Photos of deceased chicks are REQUIRED.


*It is Your RESPONSIBILITY to pick up your chicks from the Post Office!*

*We will NOT issue a refund if you fail to pick up your chicks!*

As our customer, your satisfaction is our number one priority!

We want to ensure you have the BEST experience possible.