Quick Chicks

This Category has SPECIAL Requirements

Quick Chicks MUST be Ordered in their OWN Order and CAN NOT include Breeds from other Categories!

*These Chicks Ship Separate from all other Poultry*

Minimum: 20 Chickens or 20 Turkeys

Chickens ship on Tuesdays

(Mix & Match Chickens)

Min. 5 per Breed & Sex

Turkeys ship on Wednesdays  

Chickens & Turkeys can NOT be combined to meet the Minimum Order Quantity of 20 total Birds.

If choosing Multiple Breeds, they MUST have the SAME Hatch Date.

Price Includes Free Shipping & Free Marek’s Vaccination.

Coccidiosis Vaccination is ONLY for Chickens in this Category.

We do not Offer Coccidiosis Vaccination for Turkeys in this Category.

*Chicks in this Category Ship Separate from all other Poultry*

Live Arrival Guaranteed!

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