Quick Chicks

Quick Chicks

This Category has SPECIAL Requirements

**Chicks in our Quick Chicks Category Ship Separate from all other Poultry**

Chicks CAN be Mixed & Matched but MUST be Ordered in their OWN Order and CAN NOT include Breeds from other Categories!

Different types of Fowl can be combined to meet the Minimum Order Quantity of 15 total Birds.

Minimum: 15 Quick Chickens OR Minimum: 15 Quick Ducks/Turkeys

Minimum 5 per Breed & Sex.  (Mix & Match Chickens)

Ducks & Turkeys do NOT hatch on the same days as Chickens so can NOT be mixed with Chickens.

If choosing Multiple Breeds/Sex, they MUST all have the SAME Hatch Date.

Free Shipping & Free Marek’s Vaccination is Included in the price for this Category!

Coccidiosis Vaccination is ONLY Available for Chickens in this Category for an additional $0.30/each.

We do not Offer Coccidiosis Vaccination for Ducks or Turkeys in this Category.

100% Live Arrival Guaranteed!

Showing 1–15 of 19 results

Showing 1–15 of 19 results